Yesterday, there was an almost perfect post over at dps called 8 Tips for Mom-a-raz-zo Photographers. Perfect because a) the title grabbed my attention immediately in google reader, b) the photos examples by Mom/Photographer Elizabeth Halford were stunning, c) the tips were good and d) I knew immediately I was going to love reposting this for the Mom-a-raz-zo’s I know and love to read.

I was mildly disappointed that all the photos in EHPhoto’s flickr stream had the “Blog this?” option turn off, and were not creative commons. I’ve been listening to photographers on TWIP talk about the evils and problems of flickr theft for professional photographers. So I thought, what the heck?! I’ll flickr mail her and ask permission. A brief, pleasant exchange of a couple emails, and she was happy for me to post this image. She’s UK based, so it’s unlikely she’s going to come photograph the Dirksen twins, but her website is worth checking out.
"twin twins?" by Elizabeth Halford

  1. You should do one of these shots. Brush up your photoshoppe skilz…

  2. You mean create double exposures in Photoshop? nay nay. It’s two pairs of twins.

  3. Ah, in that case you should go have quadruplets…. :)

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