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Mixels on Tumblr

I love the Griddlr theme by Jonathan Haggard for my mixels in tranining tumblr blog. It looks super on the computer and iOS. Sadly, it is not perfect on the iPad. Even on wifi, the way it gets incrementally renders all the images feels a little strange compared to the desktop version. So the for quest for the perfect Mixel tumblr theme continues with Stacky ver 2 by AndrewStichbury. It seems to rock pretty loud on iOS and desktop web browsers.


Hawk taking flight from tree

My Dog Tulip

No other movie in history with so much critical acclaim has as much animated dog sex, pooping, and peeing as My Dog Tulip. Sadly, all that was so unexpected I didn’t really enjoy the movie. I want to see it again at home, but I’m pretty sure I still won’t understand what critics are barking about.

tasty chili

Made some good chili tonight. It was very loosely based on the turkey chili recipe from I used the spices it called for minus the red pepper flakes, a small can of green chili instead of onion (we forgot to buy an onion. boo hoo), and one can each of pinto and kidney beans for variety. Served over brown rice cooked in chicken stock.

Ke$ha in Space

This was the funniest SNL skit I’ve seen in a long time. Oh, wait, it’s the musical guest.

Twitter based earthquake warning system

Secret of Kells trailer

This looks pretty good. I like the vocals and music.

Kurt Cobain quote of the day

Kurt Cobain’s quote, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”, was the buzz/google quote of the day. I wasn’t a big fan of his, but that’s a pretty good quote.

Video technique ‘Stuck in Motion’

The Moments Between, Episode 1: Japan from Trey Ratcliff on Vimeo. It’s a slow motion technique enabled by a $1000 camera capable of 300 frames per second (typical video is 30). It’s fun.

Big Bang Theory

I’m not big on sitcoms. The staccato formula of the format and the namesake situations usually leave me cold. I gave Big Bang Theory I watched after Mike said it is one of the few shows he watches (besides *poker* and the Ducks). I giggled once or twice during my first episode but that formula was still distracting. Then I watched another. Laughed more. And another. And now I’m sold.