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delicious library

Before my great book give away, I had a huge collection of books. Something I always wanted was a list of what books I owned. Thanks to Don at work and, I can create a really cool library quickly.

Donuts in the Snow

Snow… snow… snow…. These little snow donuts were brought over by the cheerful neighborhood elves.
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Merry Christmas

My choice of background is a bit loud, but I got a few really nice pictures of the twins using my new nikon sb-800 flash. (a high speed connection is important — a just couldn’t cut it down to a few)

My Wonderful Giraffe

Made a page of different pictures. Mike, Sean and I on the way to Las Vegas, scenes from our office Christmas party, and Thom and Eileen.

Bomb diggity

Today, someone emailed me and worte “you’re the bomb diggity.” That sounds good!

Microsoft going to Hell?

Google blips. Their nice example made me laugh.

Billy Coutu

Who is Billy Coutu? Reading Wikipedia, I learned he was the first player suspended for life from the NHL.

Religion in reno

It’s great fun to see who guest stars on Reno 911. Tonight, tivo brought me Episode 19 which featured Brian Phelps from Mark and Brian as a preacher. Very fun.

Chicken of the VNC

Wow. This may be a little geeky, but I’ll try. There is a program called VNC, that allows you to remotely use your computer from another comptuer. My favorite software title of the day — Chicken of the VNC.

Early Morning Fun

What do you do when you wake up early? I wade into my stack of neglected paperwork. UG!