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Modern Hiker shows the way

I’ve subscribed to the Modern Hiker rss feed for a while, but this map works as a great summary. Green pushpins are easy hikes.

View Modern Trail Map in a larger map

let me google that for you

I love let me google that for!!

Blah photo saved by post-processing


I took at least a dozen shots of this life guard station and none of them looked as good as the sunset felt. So I started throwing sliders around in Aperture (a tool I’m just starting to learn) and made this! It was a blast.

Alaska pictures

I haven’t gotten around to adding titles, locations and backstory, but here is a slice of the pictures I took on our Alaska cruise.

art by a monster

I was enjoying reading this article entitled “The Revealing Art of Self-Portrait“. Then I got to final artist, Adolf Hilter, and I became totally fascinated. Be sure to read the original article called “Face of a Monster” and the comments. Good stuff.

iPhone RSS Reader

I’m looking for a new RSS reader for the iPhone. I have tried Google Reader and Netnewswire. Both are excellent, but they don’t do what I want. I want:

  • ability to save for reading later and tagging
  • send item to email without leaving the reader
  • full fledged web interface for desktop use
  • offline reading would be nice
  • I think that’s it. I stopped using Google Reader when I switched to Netnewswire. I took a look at it again while I made my list. Google Reader’s share with note option could be uses as a tag. I’ll have to revisit Reader. In the meantime, please help!

    new theme

    Upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and switched to a new theme called pixel. Does everyone read my blog from an RSS reader?

    the flu

    How cool is this?! It’s Google Flu.

    Peeing at the movies

    I haven’t been seeing as many movies as I once did. I’ve been saying to friends, and myself, that as I get older, there are fewer movies that interest me. Well, it’s time to tell the truth. I’ve been needing RunPee and someone has created it! Whew. Who wants to go to the movies?

    ice cream cakes