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Of course, get some slack

Of course, get some slack and PRAISE GOD DAMN “BOB!”>

Are you desperate to give

Are you desperate to give me money? Great! But maybe you keep forgetting to give it to me? It’s now really easy. Just use Sign-up before March 15th using the referal link
and I’ll send you $5 (offer meant for friends, but heck, it’s good for
random surfers who come across this as long as you are a new paypal
customer who use my referal link and meet PayPal’s referal conditions
so that they send me $10) 😎 Shoot. If enough people do this, I’ll throw a party — or at least buy some supplies for the PaulTheBartender — with the FREE money that PayPal gives us.

Woohoo – Freddie ties the

Woohoo – Freddie ties the Blues! Groan – Guy hurt!

Boyo! Mission to Mars. Highly

Boyo! Mission to Mars. Highly anticipated, highly dissappointing. Some bad movies cause uncontrollable laughter during the movie. Last Action Hero comes to mind. But Mars wasn’t blessed with that
trait. Maybe I was routing for it. I didn’t want it to make me laugh,
although it did in places. Maybe if I hadn’t been in a sold-out opening
night theater, I could have laughed more but I felt strange laughing
when no one else was. As the credits rolled, I burst. It was a relief
really. Bless my friend Holly. She was the only one who didn’t
understand why everyone else thought the movie sucked. Well. Gotta go
watch the Ducks!

Today I updated my page

Today I updated my page to add blogger and a picture of my old buddy gary. I feel so hip now that I have a blog. I regret blogification caused the demise of my old mahir page. If you want to see more blogs, encourage me.