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Theme madness

This is what happens when you decide to try adding a background image to a wordpress theme just because you can. And then go to bed.

new theme

Upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and switched to a new theme called pixel. Does everyone read my blog from an RSS reader?

the flu

How cool is this?! It’s Google Flu.

happy new year

and oops, happy new year and all of that too!!

charities at christmas

Ran across this WoW raffle to raise money for a nice charity called Child’s Play. I’m sure there are thousands of them, but it was the first time I’d seen amazon wish lists used for charities. Giving toys to a hospital was very, very satisfying.

blog rolls and links

Does anyone use an rss reader to keep up with iPaulo? If so, you might not have seen a few new additions. Check them out. Also, requests from faithful ipaulo readers are now being taken for additional movie showtime links. In upgrading to the new version of wordpress, I experimented with the link management tools which work great! So send me your requests.

fixed the links

I finally fixed the movie links. woot!

Relic by OSWD

Tada! A new look for iPaulo. The layout is from a site called open source web design. This layout is called relic, and it’s one of the more popular themes at the moment. I still have some work to do. With blog posts, links all over the place in the blog roll and movie posts, etc. the page has way too much green text for my taste. Fortunately, that’s easily changed thanks to css. :) I also want to find my own iPaulo banner image(s).

a fresh start?

Well, we’ll see if this gets me going. At least it gets rid of the snowmen you have all loved for the first 4 months of the year. It’s not finished. Right now it’s very much the stock wordpress install I’ll tweak it over the next few days. For now, bye bye snowmen.

All new iPaulo

Here we go. A new era. Hopefully, gone will be the days – I mean months – of dancing cows and long intermissions between posts. Hope you enjoy the new site design. I’ll be cleaning up a few technical details, so watch out using my trackback for about a week. Otherwise, knock yourself out. Tell me what you think…