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My Dog Tulip

No other movie in history with so much critical acclaim has as much animated dog sex, pooping, and peeing as My Dog Tulip. Sadly, all that was so unexpected I didn’t really enjoy the movie. I want to see it again at home, but I’m pretty sure I still won’t understand what critics are barking about.

Secret of Kells trailer

This looks pretty good. I like the vocals and music.

Peeing at the movies

I haven’t been seeing as many movies as I once did. I’ve been saying to friends, and myself, that as I get older, there are fewer movies that interest me. Well, it’s time to tell the truth. I’ve been needing RunPee and someone has created it! Whew. Who wants to go to the movies?

new star trek movie!

Woot. This trailer shows next to nothing, but it gets me excited anyway! (taken from CrunchGear)


Not quite a zombie movie for the whole family, but Fido is probably as close as it gets. As much as I love Carrie-Anne Moss in tight plastic suits, she’s even better in roles like this one. The 1950’s setting of this movie is classic. Run don’t walk to your netflix queue to add this puppy.

All in good crap

Great title, no? It was the headline for a review of National Treasure: blah blah blah. Too funny.

golden compass

Saw Golden Compass this weekend. Dug it. Not as much as I dug reading the book, but it was fun. I got a kick out of the Dakota’s (Lyra) bio on imdb. (and this post brought to you by ScribeFire, which placed an annoying ad after the post. bye bye scribefire I think)

Tin Man

I’ve only watched the first 70 minutes of the new SciFi channel series Tin Man, but I enjoyed each and every one. Zooey was the star of Elf as far as I’m concerned, so I’m digging this fresh opportunity to watch her. (I hope I didn’t give my faithful Utah reader a heart attack with two posts in one day. Merry December!)

Train Man

We watched a great movie the other day from netflix called Train Man. Truly hysterical movie about a japanese geek who has his first romance with a girl. He gets help from a bunch of people in an internet chat room. I highly recommend it and suggest you just rent it without reading anything more about the movie till after you watch it. I think that will be more fun. The movie is subtitled but don’t let that stop you.

the waitress

“If only life were as easy as pie.” Good tag line for a great movie. I really enjoyed The Waitress. Andy Griffith and Keri Russell are really great, and it was good to see Captain Tight Pants on the big screen again.