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Hawk taking flight from tree

Blah photo saved by post-processing


I took at least a dozen shots of this life guard station and none of them looked as good as the sunset felt. So I started throwing sliders around in Aperture (a tool I’m just starting to learn) and made this! It was a blast.

Alaska pictures

I haven’t gotten around to adding titles, locations and backstory, but here is a slice of the pictures I took on our Alaska cruise.

Christmas Eve

I posted the pictures I took on Christmas eve over on my flickr page. I get grief for taking pictures and never showing them to anyone. Going through this round of pictures reminds me of one of the main reasons: my pictures can suck and they need to be weeded. For example, sadly on this festive occasion, my camera and I had a lot of trouble with auto-focus and depth-of-field. argh!


I’ve been making a more concerted effort to share the photos I take. Check out the iPaulo flickr stream. I especially liked posting the photos from a hike I took this past weekend in topanga canyon (no, we didn’t see this killer whale on that hike!) because I added captions with an iPauloblog-of-old style; those being captions where I try to be humorous without any concern about succeeding.

photos from recent trips

Carol and I took to trips recently. We went to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit some friends there, and we went to San Diego, CA to go to Seaworld with my family. Uploaded about 20 pictures from each trip to my flickr account. woot!

Happy New Year

We’ll see how this year goes. I took a few nice pictures at the Guad Christmas party, and I hope to take many more this year. And even show them to people!

photo oops

oh darn. So much for 1 picture a day. I was doing so well for a few days. Oh well. With Gary’s visit, I slapped together a best of slide show, so I’ll post a web gallery of that real soon. Anywho. Have a great Friday everyone!!

And, if you want to see cool photos and haven’t seen Chromasia, check it out. He’s on a layering kick right now which is not always pleasing to my eye. If your eye agrees, check out some of the older stuff.

Aloha Turtle

OK, this is my first attempt at using Apple’s Aperture to retouch my raw photos. Let’s look at the results. (Sorry, I didn’t plan to do a before and after until it was too late so the crop isn’t the same) The original:

With my work in aperture, it looks like this:

woot! Until I put them side by side, it actually looked like my work made the image worse. But I think my version is a slight improvement. Righto.

aloha blue sky

The sky in this picture looks pretty amazing in its full 16-bit RAW color. As a jpeg, I’m less enthused but it’s still ok. Since I’m several days behind schedule on my one a day, I’m posting it.