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Big Bang Theory

I’m not big on sitcoms. The staccato formula of the format and the namesake situations usually leave me cold. I gave Big Bang Theory I watched after Mike said it is one of the few shows he watches (besides *poker* and the Ducks). I giggled once or twice during my first episode but that formula was still distracting. Then I watched another. Laughed more. And another. And now I’m sold.

serenity second life

Am I last person to see serenity’s presence in second life? I haven’t actually located WashTown in game yet, but it’s good to know there is something in second life worth visting. It seemed kind of pointless when I first checked it out.


Heroes, the show on NBC, just keeps getting better and better. If this show gets canceled like Firefly, I might need to stop watching TV.

eureka strikes out

I’ve watched enough of sci fi’s eureka to decide it’s just plain silly. Nice try but there’s not enough beef. Oh well.

browncoats and shindigs is a nicely executed site with a clear purpose.

And another thing… The Triangle

This sf channel mini-series, The Triangle, was a terrible load of crud. Yes, I watched all 6 hours helping it set a ratings records. But Gawd! do I feel like six hours were stolen from me by an utterly pointless final episode. OK, so I was hooked into watching it by a curiosity about the cute Catherine Bell and maybe I was a little gay on Eric Stoltz. I spent too much time trying to figure out if Catherine Bell was actually a prettier, sexier actress or just a look-a-like. She was just a look-a-like. I definitely should have just gone to imdb and looked her up to answer that question right off the bat, rather than spend five and a half hours more than I needed to watching this crap.

six feet under

Carol and I just finished disc 1 of Season 3 of Six Feet Under. Very funny! I don’t think I’ve blogged about this show before. It makes me laugh, think, and occasionally cry a little.