sudoku crazy

Sometimes I jump in quickly, sometimes I don’t. With Sudoku it was latter but I’m here now. It’s amazing how quickly time slips away while doing these stinking puzzles. Five minute frozen dinners are ready in a blink of the Sudoku obsessed eye.

smelly shoes

Today, in this promo newsletter I get for Cafe 50’s, a cool local diner, I saw this “tip”.

Are your shoes smelly: Here is a solution. Put some tea leaves into a pair of stockings and stuff each into a shoe. Leave for a day or two and the smell just vanishes!

Um… Wouldn’t your shoes just smell like tea? So isn’t the real question what kind of tea leaves would you want your shoes to smell like?

The Police

YAHOO! I’ve said for years I would pay any price for tickets should the Police get back together. Here they come!!! I’m so excited. Should I go to Vancouver, Boston, NY or wait for concerts out this way. I don’t know!? Maybe all of them. Oh my god. I sound like a 15 year old school girl hot for Sting! Oh boy oh hoy!

more iphone

Very funny steve jobs parody from SNL courtesy of nbc and youtube. And, don’t.. I repeat don’t! Don’t try to find pair’s figure skating accidents on youtube. It will be funny for a moment, but then it gets painful.

microsoft marketing runs amok…I think

I found the strangest comic as marketing about MS Office 2007. To call this an “odd marketing piece” is an understatement. But I can’t wait to show it to my boss. :)

Pookie passes

Pookie Hudson, writer and singer, passed away Tuesday. Goodnight Sweetheart (iTunes link) is one of his classic songs made into a favorite of mine in Three Men and a Baby. I heard about his passing away tonight on the way home. Total bummer.

iphone and wireless power

No doubt about it, Apple’s iPhone is sexy. No doubt about it, back in its day Apple’s Newton was sexy too. Will I buy a super expensive iPhone just as Apple decides they are a flop and discontinues them? No! Will the iPhone go the way of the Newton? I’ll wait and see. But! Besides the Newton inspired worries I told Mike about, my main cause for concern on the iPhone is the battery life. Well, CES 2007 brings the introduction of a trickle-charging wireless power source which could basically eliminate battery life as an issue. Way cool!!

chocolat weiss

Their all flash website makes linking worthless, which I hate. But the Chocolat Weiss ‘Dark Chocolate 70% with roasted cocoa beans” Sheila gave Carol was amazing! Yum Yum. Bring it on.

Casino Royale

I’m trying to climb back into the movie game. Carol and I saw 007 in Casino Royale today. We enjoyed it. I thought it was definitely several steps ahead of the last few Bond movies. When she wasn’t wearing too much makeup, Eva Green was an bonny bond girl.

Big TV

Somewhat strangely, my Mom is responsible for my latest tech lust. Her old TV was getting iffy and now I’m totally jealous of her new 32″ HD LCD. Tonight I started my reading in earnest, and found a few cools sites and articles. tells you what digital signals you might receive in your area. I found antennaweb in (stop rubbing cows!) this cnet article which gave an excellent albeit remedial overview of hdtv. Another cnet page has a size calculator which I liked.