Big Bang Theory

I’m not big on sitcoms. The staccato formula of the format and the namesake situations usually leave me cold. I gave Big Bang Theory I watched after Mike said it is one of the few shows he watches (besides *poker* and the Ducks). I giggled once or twice during my first episode but that formula was still distracting. Then I watched another. Laughed more. And another. And now I’m sold.

Xbox dev kit case mode


Very funny photo by Dave Roth called Firestarter.

duck lamp

Love this duck lamp by artist Sebastian Errazuriz. It’s my favorite thing from this weburbanist post today.

Lamp with a duck body

Lamp with a duck body

Travel Podcast

Nash Point

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I have hundreds of hours of podcasts that I haven’t listened to. Nonetheless, I went cruising in the iTunes store last night looking for new podcasts and found Travel with Rick Steves. I’ve only listened to 20 minutes of the Celtic Fringes but I’m totally sold.


If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or Android, check out ipaulo on your device. I installed the wptouch plugin to test it out for possible use at work.

awkward family photos

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making music with you tube

This is not iPhone friendly. Sorry.

garageband meets youtube

garageband meets youtube


Yesterday, there was an almost perfect post over at dps called 8 Tips for Mom-a-raz-zo Photographers. Perfect because a) the title grabbed my attention immediately in google reader, b) the photos examples by Mom/Photographer Elizabeth Halford were stunning, c) the tips were good and d) I knew immediately I was going to love reposting this for the Mom-a-raz-zo’s I know and love to read.

I was mildly disappointed that all the photos in EHPhoto’s flickr stream had the “Blog this?” option turn off, and were not creative commons. I’ve been listening to photographers on TWIP talk about the evils and problems of flickr theft for professional photographers. So I thought, what the heck?! I’ll flickr mail her and ask permission. A brief, pleasant exchange of a couple emails, and she was happy for me to post this image. She’s UK based, so it’s unlikely she’s going to come photograph the Dirksen twins, but her website is worth checking out.
"twin twins?" by Elizabeth Halford

NewsGator Clippings

I had switched from Google Reader to NewsGator in the search for the perfect RSS reader interface on the iPhone. I did like NewsGator’s iPhone app, but they are now suspending their free web based rss interface. Since that means they will be using Google Reader as their feed source in the future, I wanted to preserve access to the clippings I made while using NewsGator. So, tada, a link to the iPaulo newsgator clippings! They should be public, just like the iPaulo Google shared items page. If not, let me know. Thanks!