Donnie Darko

Ok, so I haven’t updated the site in a long time. And I saw this movie with mike a long time ago but I’m going to awaken my inner frankenstein-blogging at least for a little while. Donnie Darko was strange but very good. Enough said.

Aliens vs Predator

Normally, the iPaulo rating is a sliding scale. If a movie is good for its genre, or exceeded my expectations, I’d give it a good rating. AvP is such a movie. Yup, it was dumb. It was silly. I enjoyed it. But come on!! It’s a video game! So, what do you expect? Aliens? Star Wars? Raiders of the Lost Ark? Nope, you expect trash. Turned out to be good ‘ol fun trash. Does it get the good rating it deserves? Not today. I thought I’d be a little harsher so people who don’t read this wouldn’t think I’m totally crazy for giving AvP the same score as The Village.

The Village

Everyone is talking about young Opie’s daughter. She was great. The movie was a bit goofy in spots, but it was fun. Glad I went. Want to see it again just to see what’s what in yet another twisty shamalamadingdong flick.

Manchurian Candidate

I got mixed reviews from friends on this movie, but I went anyway. It wasn’t memorable, but I did enjoy it.

Cocktails under a microscope

Well, maybe not a microscope. I didn’t bother to read all the background on how it’s done. All I know, thanks to MC’s EW review, is these images of drinks like Tequila Sunrise are pretty amazing. Check out the whole cocktail collection.


My first summer in SLO, a friend’s roommate had her car break down while driving home. She was scared to death, and called us for help. So, of course, I rushed out to save her racing :) along at 85-90 mph along hwy 101. I explained this to the CHP officer who pulled me over for speeding. He wrote me up for a much lower speed, and said I should have just called the CHP. Duh. So, to Max (Jamie Foxx) — you should have used your cell phone battery time to call 911 first!! If you had, you would have gotten the ‘o’.

eVoting is wonderful

I didn’t want to post this too close to sysadmin day, but guys!! Come on! You manage eVoting servers and you lost your backups!! Good ‘ol Florida.


I love blondestar (mp3 file)


Does four of a kind beat a flush? Hmm. I think it does. Oh yeah it does! Maybe a flush beats a flush according to these guys? Nope, strange. Oh, wait. Over here is a list of “almost universally accepted hands”. I’m sure they’ll have a flush beating 4 of a kind. Oh, wait. The 4 of a kind does beat a flush here too. Whatever. I just glad I still have 30 minutes of my Friday night to enjoy with Carol!

Bubble Wrap Heaven

I think I’ve seen this before, but this version uses big bubble wrap and has a better sound effects. snaps to iendo! Late Breaking News – Be sure to get at least one “Fresh Sheet”.