ice cream cakes

Freaking Huge URLs

Another excellent new product released today, the Freaking Huge URL Generator. Tinyurl and both had better watch this new competitor.

new technology today

Some great new technology is being introduced today. My favorites so far are Google’s Autopilot and IE 8.1 (Eagle Eye)


I haven’t posted in 2009? That’s odd. I’m trying out tumblr. It looks neat but the RSS feed import features don’t work the way I expect. It’s strange.

Christmas Eve

I posted the pictures I took on Christmas eve over on my flickr page. I get grief for taking pictures and never showing them to anyone. Going through this round of pictures reminds me of one of the main reasons: my pictures can suck and they need to be weeded. For example, sadly on this festive occasion, my camera and I had a lot of trouble with auto-focus and depth-of-field. argh!


I think the iPhone ocarina is going to be my most played with app pretty quickly. I like their score generator, which people have used to do close encounters and other great songs.

holy treek batman!!

Um… for some reason, iPaulo was taken on twitter so I fell back to an old name: treebark. And double um, I just noticed my twitter name is actually treekbark! wow.

I’m on twitter!

(edited to remove the annoyance of being asked for my twitter login)

Write or Die

I flagged the lifehacker post about Write or Die when I read about it on my iPhone this morning. It wasn’t until I had a chance to try Write or Die that I realized it would be fun to try as a way of getting me to post on iPaulo. That post didn’t work out (it’s hard to write with a clock ticking!!) but this one worked out quite well! Have a good day everyone!

chicken deboning and other tales

Today, with help from Chef Eric, I deboned an entire chicken. It was a lot less gross than I would have expected it to be. As warm up for the big deboning, I julienned and diced a mess of potatoes and carrots with an onion thrown in for taste. I would highly recommend Chef Eric. The class was great.