new star trek movie!

Woot. This trailer shows next to nothing, but it gets me excited anyway! (taken from CrunchGear)


I’ve been making a more concerted effort to share the photos I take. Check out the iPaulo flickr stream. I especially liked posting the photos from a hike I took this past weekend in topanga canyon (no, we didn’t see this killer whale on that hike!) because I added captions with an iPauloblog-of-old style; those being captions where I try to be humorous without any concern about succeeding.

Don LaFontaine dies

Notable celebrity passing… bummer.

photos from recent trips

Carol and I took to trips recently. We went to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit some friends there, and we went to San Diego, CA to go to Seaworld with my family. Uploaded about 20 pictures from each trip to my flickr account. woot!

does this shirt…

Saw a “survey” asking “Does this Shirt make me look Gay?” today in the onion. Turns out it’s recycled but I laughed anyway.

Apple TV

I would add two other things to this list of things Apple could do to improve the Apple TV: an unlimited rental option and HD TV episode content. I wonder if I would even need cable TV if that were the case; I guess I’d just need a local friend or establishment for hockey games.

Boba Flower

boba fet holding a pink flower

oh my! I thought our newest young blogger would really appreciate this Boba Flower image. (and I have no idea why the image isn’t showing up correctly in Firefox. flickr did it!)

google shared items

woot! It’s not as pretty as I would like, but it will work for now. You’ll notice now has a second page called Page 914. It’s basically my google reader shared items I mentioned earlier, wrapped into a feedburner feed to allow styling. I read about how to do the wrapping at andrew grant’s site, and the post is from late 2006 (ancient history I thought). But it seems like it’s still the way to do what I wanted. Twisted. Enjoy page 914.

fun with spellcheckers

I was consuming bandwidth this morning reading a university web developer list I subscribe to, when I came across this response to a question.

>I’m trying to document some examples of how Web communications/marketing
>personnel work with their IT colleagues.

*We* are perfectly fine. It’s those nincompoops in Marketing that are the problem. :-)

[Author’s sig removed]
(who is amused to find “nincompoops” passes the Gmail spellcheck, but neither “gmail” nor “spellcheck” do)

While making this post, I went and checked. nincompoops does pass gmail’s spellcheck, but so does gmail and spellcheck. It’s still funny.

bandwidth report

uh oh. I’ve got some time to kill this morning before a doctor’s appointment. Guess what I found myself doing? Catching up on rss feeds! Doh! So much for my bandwidth. Speaking of rss feeds. Check out It’s a nifty service that will take any page and turn it into a feed so you can monitor it for changes. Nice.